Our Hammitt Genealogy is Branching Out

Spreading our Roots

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Early Collaborators!

We’ve been working together on our ancestry search for a while now and looking at this picture of the two us, collaborating may have been in our future long before we realized it. This year brings some minor changes in appearance and a bit of rearranging. Deciding how best to organize the information we’ve accumulated, while keeping up with the internet’s “website rules” can be more than a little daunting. Once again, although not much appears to have changed on the surface, a lot has been added to the Genealogy Section. Over 1790 obituaries, mortuary and death notices have been transcribed and added to Cheryl’s tree, along with many of the articles and personal stories she has gathered over the years.  Her BOSWORTH branch represents the largest surname referenced on the HammittRoots website, resulting from the work of two generations over several years.  Their genealogy and history takes the Barnes family back to their Mayflower roots through Nehemiah Bosworth.  Born 1731, he was a Revolutionary War soldier, descended from Hannah Howland, daughter of  John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley, Mayflower passengers.  Cheryl’s tree continues to add individual’s to this extensive branch of HammittRoots.

A good portion of the Hammitt descendants have had their census information added and some now have snippets of the census docs attached. Three Branches have been created in Susan’s tree, making it easier to identify direct descendants. These include: “Descendants of Isaac Hammitt”, “Descendants of George Hammitt” and “Orphan Families”. Each branch includes ancestors, descendants, their spouses and the families of spouses. The “Orphan Families” branch refers to those whose originating family has not yet been identified. The “Descendants of George Hammitt” branch connects the descending families of George Hammitt and Rhoda Packer. George and Rhoda Packer Hammitt (of Burlington County) are the earliest ancestors of many New Jersey families. Although we have not been able to establish a direct link between George Hammitt and the ancestor of our Isaac Hammitt, we do believe the families were related.

The Families Section is still a work in progress, but has begun to take shape. This is where you will find information about individual’s, their accomplishments and how we identified them. Recently added to the Barnes-Bosworth menu is a comparison of Asahel Barnes, born 1774, and Asahel Barnes, born 1777. The Asahel’s are easily confused and are a perfect example of how one person’s namesake can wreak havoc on an entire genealogy tree. Then again, those namesakes may just hold the clues we need to unlock the mystery of who we are.

Helping each other, sharing our discoveries, theories and thoughts is what will finally break through that brick wall we are facing.


Our Hammitt Family is Branching Out

Genealogy TreeIf you have visited us before, you’ll notice our home page has changed. If this is your first visit, you’ll find our “Welcome to Hammitt Roots” page in the “Quick Look” section. The Welcome page will provide a bit of information about the website. Our Hammitt Genealogy links us to many extended families throughout Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey in a variety of ways. Through marriages, businesses and associations we hope to uncover the story of our ancestors.

It may not look like much has been taking place, but a lot has been happening in the background. We now have over 25,000 individuals listed in the Genealogy section, many with stories or short articles attached. Census information and articles are being transcribed regularly. You will also find a great deal of research on the Bosworth Family. While not the focus of our website, the effort of family members who researched the line was too great to not include their entire branch.

The Family pages (Hammitt, Fennell, Barnes-Bosworth) are beginning to take shape.

Here you will find information about key families in the Genealogy section, how the families are connected and where we believe they originated. We also identify the earliest documented ancestors for each family to help you begin your search. These pages are a work in progress. As we move forward we will begin adding the names of individuals who held important roles in each family.

A few new areas have been added to the sidebar on the right.

The “Quick Look” section provides links to the Surnames and Places pages. On the Surnames page you will find a list of the top 30 names currently included in the Genealogy Section. The Places page will list the top 30 places where family members lived at various times. Each list expands further once you are logged into the Genealogy section.

Our “Topics of Interest” section is designed to hold information important to the website or of special interest to those involved in the never ending search for our ancestors. This is where you’ll find a link to our “Updates and Changes” page that will list corrections and changes as they are made to the families in the Genealogy section. Much like our Family Pages, this area is also a work in progress that will evolve over time.

Once again, welcome and we hope you’ll join us on our journey through the generations!