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Isaac Hammitt, John Kille and Isaac’s Ark

The tradition of family names has been observed for generations. Though not quite as popular now as it once was, it’s a tradition still followed in some families. Most often it’s a name that holds significant meaning, honoring a person of great accomplishment or character. The name Isaac was especially popular in our family throughout the 1800’s, making it difficult to determine what record goes with which Isaac or even which Isaac goes with what family. The Hammitt family actually had two naming traditions. Most prominent was the name Isaac. Our first Isaac has proven to be somewhat of a mystery and difficult to document. But family notes, bits of information and a tradition that lasted generations tell us he existed. Since so much of our family history is centered on shipbuilding, we decided an Ark would be the perfect place to gather all the Isaac’s. And so, the meaning of Isaac’s Ark.

The second name, although not quite as common but equally important, is John Kille Hammitt. Continue reading

The Goal of Isaac’s Ark

The transition from a subscription genealogy service to our own database has proven to be a much larger project than either of us envisioned. To date, only a small portion of our records have been added to the database. Between reviewing existing records, discovering new sources and learning the finer points of how to create a website some things had to be put off. Until now, updating Isaac’s Ark fell to the bottom of the “to do” list. Moving forward with the transition means we can start documenting the bits and pieces of our family history.

The Hammitt family, even with all of their accomplishments, hasn’t been very well documented. Working together we were able to identify the members of several families. Continue reading