Asahel Barnes (1774-1851) or (1777-1859)

The tradition of naming children after family members has been widely practiced throughout history. Asahel Barnes is a perfect example of how difficult it can be to separate one person from another. The honor of having a namesake to carry on your legacy must have held a great deal of esteem. While still practiced today, it seems to be less of a trend. Even though we may still name our children after a grandparent or relative, today’s names project individuality. No longer is it common to have 4 or 5 children with the same name, all born within a year or two in one family.

Determining who belongs to which record, or even which family, can be not only challenging, but enlightening. These are the discoveries that often lead to forgotten family ties. Sharing how we settled our identity questions will hopefully clear the air for the next researcher.

Both Asahel’s descend from the first Thomas Barnes (b. 1623) that emigrated to America. They both married wives with the surname Ives and their birth and death dates are within a few years of each other.

ASAHEL BARNES, born 1774 in New Haven, Connecticut, was the son of Joel Barnes and Ann Todd. He married Patty Ives (1774-1823) and died in 1851, probably in Mottville, Michigan.

ASAHEL BARNES, born 1777 in Hartford, Connecticut, was the son of Asahel Barnes and Mercy Gridley. He married Keturah Ives (1778-1840) and died in 1859 in Vermont.

In today’s world Asahel is an uncommon name. But there are two Asahel Barnes’s that share a lot of similarities. Don’t confuse them in your tree!

You will find both Asahel’s in Cheryl’s tree, along with the lineages of their spouses. Read a more complete comparison of the two Asahel Barnes’ in the Barnes-Bosworth menu or click here.

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