Changes and Updates

New information leads to new discoveries. Sometimes those new discoveries mean a mistake was made along the way. Acknowledging and recording those errors can be more important than discovering them in the first place. Following is the list of changes and updates to the Genealogy section:


Estella Deal (1896-1983)

Estella was the great granddaughter of Jane Hammitt and Peter Deal, Jr. She is identified as Estella Hannan in the 1920 Census, living with her parents in Pittsgrove Township, Salem County, New Jersey. Estella’s married name was actually Hamann. She was married to Leonard Rugan Hamann. While no marriage record has been found, Leonard Hamann’s WWII Draft Registration identifies his wife as Mrs. Estella 1942. The 1930 & 1940 Census information has been added to the database.  (See ID#:  I9437)

Ann Deal (1820–1890)

In the 1860 Census Ann Deal and Andrew Hetzell are living next to the family of Jane Wilson and Jacob Deal (dec’d). A connection between the two families has not been found, but their close proximity suggests a relationship of some sort. The family of Jacob Deal has been added to the database. Also living in Ward 18 are Ann Deal’s Aunt and Uncle (Hannah Harris and John Kille Hammitt) and her cousin, John Harris Hammitt (married to Anna Maria Webb). (See ID#: I2388)

Sarah Deal (1823- )

Sarah’s husband has been confirmed as Isaac Wheaton. They were married in the Presbyterian Church in Pittsgrove, Salem County, New Jersey on 10 March 1842. ( (See ID#: I7325)

Henry Wheaton (1844-1869)

Henry  was the son of Sarah Deal and Isaac Wheaton.  He was initially identified as the husband of Margaret/Maggie Mitchel.  However, a review of the records shows that Margaret Mitchel was married to Henry Wheaton, the son of Henry Wheaton.  Sarah and Isaac’s son, Henry Wheaton, is believed to have died 9 August 1869 in Mays Landing, Atlantic County, New Jersey.  The record of his death identifies him as Henry Gifford Wheaton, born 1844 and lists his parents as Isaac Wheaton and Sarah W. (See ID#: I9018)