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Pictured are Isaac Hammitt and Mary Louise Augustine. Isaac was a shipwright originally from the Kensington area of Philadelphia. His steamships were widely recognized along the Ohio, Monongahela and Mississippi Rivers, of special note was the steamship Ike Hammitt. Born about 1791 in New Jersey, he was the son of Samuel Hammitt and Jane Simmons. Mary Louise Augustine, born in Maryland about 1794, was the daughter of Charles and Mary Augustine.

Our search for ancestors included the Hammett and Hammat families. Most are related in some fashion. Some are families of people who played a significant part in our history. Others are families we believe are related but havenít fully documented. The Hammitt relatives consist of several families from Western Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Susanís tree includes the Holmes, Mullen, Kurczewski and Gilbert families of Philadelphia, along with several New Jersey families. Cherylís tree has detailed information on the Fennell, Barnes, and Bosworth families of Western Pennsylvania, the Laney family of Missouri and Tennessee and the family of Lydia Jane Marvel Hargrove. Her Bosworth research dates back to 1589 with the birth of Edward Bosworth in England and represents the research of two generations.

The search for the Hammitt and Barnes families initially began with the generation before us, when researching required trips to libraries, searching old records and rooting through dusty attics. The dusty attics have been emptied, the libraries are online and the people who knew the stories have passed. What remains is the research done by those before us. Our early researchers were Shirley Barnes Weber, Ruth Audrey Barnes Hammitt and her husband, Jim Hammitt. Their tenacity and determination to search for answers provided the groundwork for this project. Without their documentation and resolve our family history would have been forever lost.

New to the site is the Branches menu, where youíll find a Master Tree with all the Hammitt families weíve discovered, along with the families of their spouses. The Branches menu (located on the right, just below the header photo) provides a direct link to the originating families in the tree. These families include:

  • Isaac Hammitt (1791-1880) and Mary Louise Augustine
  • Robert Hammett (1665-1719) and Mary C Lawrence
  • William Hammett (1665-1744) and Sarah Brown
  • George Hammett (1754-1814) and Sarah Barry Tilley
  • Benjamin Hammitt (1754-1790) and Ruth Van Meter
  • George Hammitt (1700-1788) and Rhoda Packer
  • John Hammatt (1670-1726) and Catherine James
  • Edward Hammett (1679-1745) & Experience Bowles

We are still searching for that mysterious first Isaac Hammitt, Samuelís father. He was someoneís son, brother, uncle or cousin. His story is buried in the history of another family and will only be discovered by comparing notes and listening to the stories other family members have been told. We hope youíll take a moment to register and join us in our search for answers. Our only request is that our documents and photos not be published or posted online.

Questions or comments? You can reach us by email at admin@hammittroots.com or use the contact us link below.

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