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Isaac and Mary L Hammitt

Isaac Hammitt and Mary Louise Augustine
Photo courtesy of
James M Hammitt

The search for ancestors and relatives connects us all to new families.  Go back a few generations and you’ll come across names you don’t recognize.  Dig a little deeper and you begin to realize the role those families played in your own history.  Keep searching and ultimately you will hit the inevitable “brick wall”.  We search through church records, census reports, family cemetery plots – the list goes on and on.  Eventually we start branching out to the families we didn’t recognize at first and begin to realize those family histories may hold clues to the answers we are looking for.  Our search has lead us down a variety of paths and family histories beyond Hammitt ancestors and descendants.

We all interpret the information we find a bit differently. In the genealogy section of the website you will find two trees, each with its’ own version of the family history we share. There are probably as many differences as there are similarities between our versions. We made the decision not to merge our information into one family tree, but to keep them separate, allowing us to branch out in different directions. One tree will lead you back through the Bosworth family from England, while the other concentrates on several families in South Jersey.

We are still in the beginning stages of developing the website. Here are a few of the families you’ll begin to see in the database as we move forward with the transition to the website:

Fennell * Barnes * Bosworth * Price-Pontifex * Gominger * Kille * Laney * Holmes

The blog, Isaac’s Ark, gives us the opportunity to discuss the families, their history and how they are related. Registration is required if you would like to comment on a blog post. Use the Contact Us form to introduce yourself, be sure to include a little bit about your interest in the site. The Genealogy section is separate and is where you will find the family trees. Registration is required for access. Again, please include something about your interest when completing the registration form.