Why do I need to register?

Most of us are familiar with the basics of blogging.  Someone posts their thoughts and the next person comments.  Blogging gives everyone the opportunity to share what they’ve learned or voice their opinion.  But the internet has a dark side that doesn’t take very long to become familiar with, especially if this is a new venture.  It turns out that designing a website is a lot easier than preserving it.  Keeping track of bogus logons, spam comments and attempts to take over quickly became the goal of each day.  Certainly not what we had in mind when we started this project.  To solve the problem and get back on track, we made a few changes.

Registration is required if you would like to reply to something on Isaac’s Ark and it is required if you would like access to the Genealogy section of the website.  For the time being, these are two separate registrations with different passwords.  Going forward we hope to combine the two sections to require one password.  We also ask that you tell us something about your interest.  Not because we want to know anything personal, but because it is the only way we can confirm you are a real person.  You don’t need to be related to gain access, maybe you saw a familiar name on the Surnames list or are just curious.  The whole point of HammittRoots.com is to share what we have learned and try to break through that brick wall.

On the Genealogy home page you will see the option to register.  Complete the form and we will forward login information.  Registration to participate on Isaac’s Ark can be done through the Contact Us form.  Just send a note and we’ll provide you with login instructions.