The Goal of Isaac’s Ark

The transition from a subscription genealogy service to our own database has proven to be a much larger project than either of us envisioned. To date, only a small portion of our records have been added to the database. Between reviewing existing records, discovering new sources and learning the finer points of how to create a website some things had to be put off. Until now, updating Isaac’s Ark fell to the bottom of the “to do” list. Moving forward with the transition means we can start documenting the bits and pieces of our family history.

The Hammitt family, even with all of their accomplishments, hasn’t been very well documented. Working together we were able to identify the members of several families. Continue reading

Isaac’s Ark

The Hammitt families were well known for their ship building talents and skills.  From steamboats to schooners, each of the Hammitt men who engaged in shipbuilding excelled at their talents.  As a young man, Isaac Hammitt was one of the many Kensington shipswrights called on to assist with the building of USS Niagara in Erie, Pennsylvania.  He later became a principal owner of the Isaac Hammitt Yard in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania.  Isaac’s son, Isaac Hammitt, Jr., was a well known shipbuilder in his own right.  The same was true for his son, Joachim Murat Hammitt.  Follow us as we piece together the stories of these men and their families.