Why Create a Website?

The decision to create this site was not an easy one.  Deciding to make it public was even harder.  Many of the arguments for keeping a Family Tree private are easily understood and certainly valid.  But the arguments for a public tree are equally valid.  In the past, family stories and legends were passed down through the generations.  Grandparents shared with their grandchildren, diaries were kept, letters were mailed and local citizens were asked to tell their stories.  Today the grandchildren are busy with activities, journals are a thing of the past and local interest stories are rarely concerned with the past accomplishments of a local person.  Twenty years from now no one will be searching our computers for the emails we wrote or the journals we started.

Creating our Family Tree was a massive project requiring many long hours.  There were more than a few brick walls.  Some we were able to break through and some are still standing strong.  Hopefully making our Family Tree public will provide us with the answers we are looking for and maybe help someone else along the way.